Connecting you with your favorite artists in your local community.

We believe that getting your community united around independent music will help stimulate your local economy. We are in the process of building a platform that will reward users for their concert recommendations while helping local businesses acquire new customers.

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We want to provide local listeners with a curated resource for the best shows in town each week – no more no less.


We believe in the power of the concert referral. We want to help amplify the voices of those who are passionate about our independent music scene.


Do you love going to shows at the Hi-Fi? Do you go out every First Friday? We want to help you remember these moments and offer influence along the way.


Stay tuned to learn more about our upcoming partnerships.

  • We are mobile.
    Shows that matter in your pocket.

    Whether it is dropping by our favorite local record store or checking out the latest brewery in town, we are always on the go. We want to make it easy as possible to let you know what independent show are going on around you.

  • We curate the shows for the independent music fan.

    Have you ever been called a music snob before? It's ok, we are use to it. We don't really care to know when country music acts are coming to town or top 40 groups are filling up arenas. We don't think you do either. We only pick the shows we think rule.

  • Promote the shows that you believe in.

    We want people to go to more shows to support more bands. We want for you to let the like-minded fan know that the new band you discovered is coming to your scene. We are all concert promoters.

  • You check-in to the shows to earn cultural currency.

    Earn badges and get rewarded for your loyaty to the scene. We are working on building strong partnerships that translate to rewards for supporting independent music.

  • You have digital hand stamps that allow concert memories to
    last forever.

    The art of collecting the ticket stub has almost been lost as we've transitioned into a paper-less life. We want to let you keep track of all the shows that you've gone to and help you relive those awesome memories. We want to be your permanent hand stamp.