Thanks, You’ve Been Great

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It has been a while since we posted on the blog and I felt like now what a great opportunity to give a quick update on how things are going with indiENGAGE.

I first want to thank everyone who has jumped on the app and given us feedback. You all have been tremendous and we truly value your opinions on what we need to improve on. When we decided to launch the app we were extremely adamant in making sure we were offering our users a tool that worked and was easy to use.  We feel like we have accomplished this and now are focused on making improvements based on your recommendations.

As we are still in the early stages of development, we know we have a lot of work to do and welcome your feedback.  The next big step we take is to make the app open to non-Facebook users.  Look for more to come on this front in the coming weeks.

I want to thank all the people that have been so amazing on helping us build awareness throughout Indy. It is humbling that you have been so supportive because you believe in what we are trying to accomplish.  I want to personally thank Jon Rodgers (Musical Family Tree), Ethan Marosz (Dilated Time/Luna), and Derek Vorndran (Listen Indiana/In-Store Recordings). Your collective support inspires and we look forward to continuing to partner with you all in any way possible.

Lastly, we are going to continue to share all the great things that our going with music, food, beer, and local businesses on our social media channels. There are great things going on in the city of Indianapolis and we want to help promote them on our social channels.

If you haven’t already follow us:

 indiENGAGE Twitter

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indiENGAGE Instagram 


We will be launching a new website towards the end of the month.  It looks really good and will match more of the look and feel of the app.

Thanks for all your support. You all are just great.

Rock and roll,


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indiENGAGE Beta App Live

Posted By on May 8, 2014


After a lot of hard work, we are excited to announce the beta version of indiENGAGE is now live and available for download in the Apple App Store. We are passionate about connecting people who love independent music. In our eyes (and ears), the live music experience represents the pinnacle of the band-to-fan relationship. We aim to personalize the concert experience in a way that moves beyond a tweet or status update and forges a meaningful connection between like-minded listeners.

IndiENGAGE is launching in Indianapolis for a reason. It’s our back yard, and we want to amplify the voices and shows that are transforming this city on a weekly basis. Indy has plenty to celebrate, but there exists a tremendous opportunity for growth. We hope to serve as a catalyst for that growth by empowering the musicians, fans, labels, venues and individuals that make this scene so special.

Let’s build something together. In order for indiENGAGE to reach its maximum potential, we are going to need your feedback. If there is a feature that you don’t like, we want to hear about it. If something feels missing or you recognize an area of improvement, we’re all ears. We want this app to serve as the easiest and most effective way to recommend shows to friends. Let’s shatter the echo chamber of traditional concert promotion, and place the power of referral back in the capable hands of the individual.  We’re not here to step on anybody’s toes. We just want to fuel the fire that’s already burning in this town.

Listening to music has always made us happy. Earning a hand stamp. Grabbing a beer. Bearing witness to the ritual that is the live performance. We live for this stuff. We’ve always thought there might be several others that feel the same way. Let’s connect.

Rock and roll,

Brett – Fan @ indiENGAGE


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Tomorrow, we celebrate the good side of consumerism. Music fans will arise well before daybreak to gather around their favorite brick and mortar shops in a celebration of all things limited-edition, vinyl, and independent. That’s right, tomorrow is Record Store Day (RSD). Rather than jump on the content pile of blogs attempting to sift through the laundry list of special releases to discern which ones will be this year’s “hot sellers,” we decided to shine a light on a single Indiana label with a pair of intriguing RSD offerings.

Bloomington’s Flannelgraph Records is a label we hold near and dear to our hearts. The reasons for this are simple: Flannelgraph’s roster is comprised largely of Indiana musicians. The label doesn’t take itself too seriously (see its late-night variety show The Mike Adams Show and last year’s quirky release of mid-1990s, oddball answering machine recordings from a movie theater in Reedsburg, WI). Flannelgraph’s mind appears permanently outside the proverbial box.

The pair of releases, which Flannelgraph will drop tomorrow, perfectly-illustrate the label’s aesthetic of playful and personal. 50 copies of Mike Adams’ latest LP, Best of Boiler Room Classics (official release: 5/13), will be available at select Hoosier record stores. The album caught a bit of buzz recently, when Pitchfork debuted the lead single “I’m Worried” which you can stream above. Also, Flannelgraph has dug up a bit of radio gold in the form of Rock, Rot & Rule. The latter LP is a 46-minute sketch features the first taste of legendary comedy duo Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster, who would go on to win the hearts of legions of dedicated fans on The Best Show on WFMU.

The idea for ‘Rock, Rot & Rule’ came during a phone conversation Tom and I had regarding people’s subjective use of superlatives. We wondered, “Why do some things ‘rule’ and some things ’suck’? What does it mean when something or someone ‘rocks’? Our discussion eventually led to the concept of Tom doing a short interview on his WFMU radio show with me assuming the guise of Ronald Thomas Clontle, the know-it-all author of a completely misguided rock reference book called ‘Rock, Rot & Rule’ (we weren’t sure we could say ‘suck’ on the air). What we didn’t anticipate was that many of the people listening in that night in November of 1997 would assume Tom was speaking to a real author about a real book purported to be ‘the ultimate argument settler’ on the true worth of hundreds of musicians and bands. When we began taking calls from irate listeners things took a very unexpected and entertaining turn and our loosely-scripted little prank turned into the near hour-long epic you hold in your hands. Looking back, I really don’t think Tom nor I had any idea that what we were doing that night was the beginning of a twenty-year (and counting) partnership, but I’m sure glad it turned out to be the case. Here’s to twenty more.

-Jon Wurster

For the full-scoop on Flannelgraph’s RSD offerings, we asked the label’s owner and founder Jared Cheek to answer a few questions. Scope the results below, and keep your eyes peeled for their goods on shelves tomorrow.


Jared Cheek Interview


I know you’re a big fan of The Best Show. Walk me through how this release first started? Is this your brainchild? Did you have a relationship with Scharpling prior to the release?

Well, I was the first one to bring it up but when I did Tom said it was something that he and Jon had talked about doing for awhile anyways. The idea of making it part of Record Store Day seemed like a good way to do it. Tom arranged to get me the original artwork files from its initial CD release and from that I was able to lay it out as an LP jacket with some help from Mike Adams, who also helped split the 47 minute segment into a Side A and Side B. It has been a real pleasure working with Tom to put this together. I have so much respect for him and Jon and it turns out that they are both super nice dudes.

Were you already familiar with the Rock, Rot & Rule material? Were you listening in 97?

I was actually way late finding The Best Show on WFMU (2000-2013), first listening in the summer of 2011. My friend Josephine posted something about it on the Internet that prompted me to check it out and I was hooked right away, never missing a show. I’ve since gone back and listened to hundreds of hours of the archives. Thankfully I still have about six or seven years of shows left to catch up on before the Best Show returns in another form. I’ve probably heard Tom Scharpling’s voice more in the past few years than most people I know, which is weird to think about.

Rock, Rot & Rule was Jon Wurster’s first on-air call to Tom’s pre-Best Show radio show on WFMU. Luckily Tom taped it! As you can hear, plenty of folks thought Jon’s character Ronald Thomas Clontle was for real, which made for some pretty great audience calls during the bit as well.

Flannelgraph has a penchant for the occasional oddball release. Talk about why you enjoy shedding light on stuff like Rock, Rot & Rule and Selected Messages from the Badger Street Theater Answering Machine.

Remember when the owner of that pinball arcade in American Graffiti tells Richard Dreyfuss and The Pharaohs who sort of kidnapped him that “this whole place is for fun!”? Well, hopefully our catalog is kind of like that.

I know Flannelgraph has had some RSD releases in the past, but is this the first “official” RSD release?

Yes, it is!

Obviously, The Best Show has a hardcore, dedicated audience. What has the reception to the record’s announcement been like? Has the prep/run-up to a release with such nationwide appeal been different for the label?

Yeah, it’s been awesome to release something that so many people are as excited about as I am! I’m used to only a handful of people caring!

How involved have Scharpling and Wurster been on the project?

Throughout the process I would run the design layout by them to get input on where things go, what to put on the cover sticker, etc. Tom is the one I was in contact with while putting things together, but he was running things by Jon as well.
They each wrote personal liner notes that appear on the back of the jacket reflecting on that initial call and all that it led to in the years after that.

Anything to add on the Scharpling/Wurster stuff?

I’m just really glad to have been a part of giving a proper vinyl release to something that means so much to a lot of us fans of theirs. They’re my favorite comedy duo of all time and I can’t wait to see what they do in the future.

This 150g red vinyl edition is only for Record Store Day, but we will be making a standard black 150g edition available later his summer.

 Did you guys get the Mike Adams LP in time to get it to a few shops?

We are actually making 50 copies of that available early just for Indiana record stores. It will come with a limited screen print (numbered out of 50) originally drawn by Mike.


Anything else dropping on RSD? Merch?

Just the red version of Rock, Rot & Rule and the early edition (w/ screen print) of Best of Boiler Room Classics!

Any events planned for the big day?

Mike Adams At His Honest Weight are playing a full band set at Landlocked Music here in Bloomington!

Any other things going on with the label that you’d like to plug? Forthcoming releases? Tours? Things you’re excited about?

A standard black vinyl edition of Rock, Rot & Rule will be coming later this summer as well as a beautiful LP from Yuuki Matthews (The Shins, Teardrops, etc.).

Mike Adams At His Honest Weight’s Best of Boiler Room Classics comes out 5/13. I’m really excited for everyone to see the promo video that we’re putting together for that. It’s one of the most ambitious and entertaining commercials ever and you will love it.  Here are some tour dates!…

May 1 – Bloomington, IN / Russian Recording / LP Release Show
May 2 – Indianapolis, IN / Joyful Noise
May 3 – Grand Rapids, MI / Founder’s #
May 4 – Lafayette, IN / Foam City
May 5 – Chicago, IL / Burlington Bar #
May 6 – St. Louis, MO / Plush Parlor
May 7 – Louisville, KY / Zanzabar
May 8 – Nashville, TN / TBA
May 9 – Dayton, OH / Blind Bob’s
May 10 – Cincinnati, OH / The Comet


I know there are some hoops to jump through in order to have an “official” RSD release, talk about that process a bit…

Basically, I ran it by Light In The Attic, who had also distributed the Don Muro reissue for us and they were into distributing this as well. I know at least some of them are fans of The Best Show too. They were the ones who then talked to the RSD folks who were actually really excited about it and gave it their official RSD stamp of approval.

It’s been awesome working with Light In The Attic. They’ve been super cool. And I’ve been a fan of their releases ever since I bought the Summer Records Anthology over 10 years ago at the Mass Ave. Luna Music!

I know you’re a collector too… Any releases you’ve got your eyes on this year?

Nope! Well, maybe that reissue of Randy Newman’s first album. But that’s really the only one, I think!

Anything to add? Anything at all? Bueller?

I hope everybody keeps a level head and has a good time. Just remember that the best music is in your local record store throughout the year at reasonable prices and you don’t need that $400.00 Pablo Cruise Complete Discography 200g LP boxed set. Record stores really are important places to a lot of people. If you like them being around, don’t forget to support them by buying things that you will enjoy. Everyone will be better off.

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Special Saturday in the Square

Posted By on Mar 13, 2014

Regular readers of the IndiENGAGE blog have likely spotted a trend in terms of our scope of coverage: we shed a disproportionate amount of light on shows in Fountain Square. The reason for this is simple. On any given weekend, the venues in Fountain Square are more likely to play host to original, local music than any other area in town. That isn’t to say other venues aren’t also booking great shows and fostering the growth of Indiana’s music scene, but no neighborhood delivers a cluster of cultural activity on a scale that compares to Fountain Square. The list of worthwhile shows slated for this Saturday in the Fountain Square area serves as an excellent example of this trend.

last-honest-manThe Last Honest Man: In Memoriam, Jascha :: Radio Radio ($5)

Last year, Indy lost a vibrant contributor to its independent music scene in the unexpected passing of singer-songwriter, Jascha Updike. Members of Jascha’s band and a variety of special guests will pay tribute to their fallen friend with an evening of his music. Scope Matt Erler’s two-part preview via Musical Family Tree and as well as NUVO’s collection of memories from former friends and collaborators for a glimpse of what to expect at Radio Radio. All proceeds from the event will benefit Jascha’s son.

we-are-hex-wrcWe Are Hex | Ttotals | Brett Siler :: White Rabbit Cabaret ($8)

Local heavy hitters We Are Hex will preview their new album Bleach Brigade in its entirety at White Rabbit Cabaret this Saturday. Recorded in Detroit earlier this year, Bleach Brigade is set for release sometime this summer. The group reformed in 2013, releasing a pair of singles on 7″ vinyl through Chicago’s Latest Flame Records. We Are Hex left listeners in the lurch when the band announced an “indefinite hiatus” just a few months after buzz over the project had reached a seeming fever pitch following a 7″ release on Jack White’s Nashville imprint Third Man Records. Hex’s energetic live performance has consistently raised neck hairs in Indianapolis and beyond for years. With new material to unveil, one can safely expect some fireworks. Ttotals and Brett Siler will lend support.


Thee Tsunamis EP Release Party :: Do317 Lounge ($5)

Thee Tsunamis burst onto local listeners’ collective radar last year when the band partnered with the analog enthusiasts at Bloomington’s Magnetic South Recordings for its debut cassette release A Goodbad Man is Hard to Find. The trio is back with a new 7″ EP entitled Delirium & Dark Waters. The under-card of Saturday’s release party at Do317 Lounge doesn’t disappoint. Opening acts of Jorma Whittaker and Apache Dropout should get this party sufficiently started long before the ladies take to the stage and launch into their revival of kitschy, 1960s, psych-pop .

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Spotlight: Dilated Time Records

Posted By on Feb 14, 2014

Every few weeks, indiENGAGE intends to shine a light on a locally-owned business. Given our focus, many of these businesses will likely have a connection, direct or indirect to Central Indiana’s music scene. However, we plan to highlight many independent restaurants and entrepreneurs of all stripes. We view the growth of local culture and business as an integral piece to Indianapolis’ future.



I arrive at LUNA Music shortly after noon on a Wednesday to meet one of the store’s employees, Ethan Marosz, to chat about his passion project Dilated Time Records. In less than a year, the label has a handful of digital and physical physical releases under its belt with several forthcoming projects in the works.


Marosz will turn 23 at the end of the month, but he doesn’t look a day older than 16. His hair is cropped much shorter than the shoulder-length locks he wore when I first began buying records from him. He speaks energetically, with an almost relentlessly upbeat demeanor. On first impression, he has the happy-go-lucky attitude of a teenage clerk at your local head shop, but don’t mistake his smile and youthful appearance for naivete. Marosz is sharp, and he has a clear vision for his ambitions regarding the record label.


We escape down the stairs into LUNA’s basement to chat among the wooden crates filled with the store’s overstocked inventory. Marosz is all smiles, thanking me profusely for taking the time to interview him. He speaks quickly. The fast talk is likely the result of a bit of nerves regarding the interview and whatever caffeine he ingested to adequately function during his afternoon shift in the store. He began working at LUNA around a year-and-a-half ago, one day per week. At the time, he was commuting from his hometown of South Bend to IUPUI, where he is working toward a degree in Media Arts and Science with a focus on the music business. After wedding his wife Michelle, the couple made the move to Indy permanent. Marosz has continued to work part-time at LUNA while finishing his degree.


Marosz credits his LUNA co-workers for providing him the impetus to launch the label. “I had thought about doing it for a long time. Then Danny and Chris, before Moose was doing it too, started Warm Ratio and put Winslow out when I was commuting back and forth. And I was just like, ‘Man, I’ve always really wanted to do that too’ and Danny was just really encouraging, ‘cause he’s just a good freakin’ dude.”


From the beginning, Marosz has divided the focus of Dilated Time Records between the “synthetic” and “organic.” The synthetic side of the label focuses largely on electronic and experimental releases, the first of which was Red Falcons Project’s Simply Ravishing. Marosz was familiar with the ambient, dreampop duo’s work from his days in South Bend, and initially approached them about the possibility of releasing a cassette before discovering they were in the process of shopping around their full-length. The artwork for the release was handled by Tom Feck, known more widely for his work as Black Moth Super Rainbow. He also produced a CD of remixes, which was included in the deluxe edition of the LP.




“I like labels that have vision,” Marosz said. “You know? Not to rag on bigger labels, but there’s just plenty of them that are just putting anything out that’s super-profitable or is definitely going to sell. Which, I totally understand. I mean, I totally understand that… That’s just not the position I’m in. So, I was in this weird place where I wanted it to be cohesive and have vision and not just be like, ‘Well, I met this person and it sounded good so I put it out.’”


The branding, logo, and name of the label were inspired by Marosz’s father who passed away a couple of years ago. The logos were originally designed for a company that his father never saw come to fruition. Marosz became noticeably wistful when talking about his dad. “We used to rant about relativity and stuff for a long time. So, he kind of made me really obsessed with it. (Dilated Time) just kind of spawned from that. I wanted to do this organic and synthetic thing so that I could release electronic and weirder stuff that I like, but also do more organic, folk-based stuff, because I want to support my friends.”


The “organic” side of Dilated Time Records aims to cater to more traditional singer-songwriter and band projects. That line of releases kicked off with Plague from Austin, TX rock outfit Eastern Sea. In 2014, Marosz plans to continue with a pair of organic releases from Canadian solo artist Little Kid and Hoosier-native John Davey. The plans for Davey’s release have been in the works since the label’s inception, and recently got delayed due to costs surrounding Dilated Time’s most recent LP, Butterfly Case by Cuushe.


“John has been working hard forever,” Marosz said. “He’s been doing music full-time for like six years or longer. Being broke all this time. He deserves a real release… Originally, we were gonna put it out right now. We were trying for February, because he was gonna tour in February and March and we had it lined up. Then we ended up backing out of a few things and taking a step back because I dunno. I was kind of having some pretty stressful moments with everything and he was too. It was just like, you’ve been waiting this long for the record we might as well do it right. So we just decided to wait a second.”




Cuushe is the dreamy, synth pop brainchild of Japanese songstress Mayuko Hitotsuyanagi. The double LP was just the second release for Dilated Time, and was an ambitious undertaking. The album had been released digitally a couple of weeks before Marosz reached out to Cuushe’s label, Flau. “I just kind of emailed them and said, ‘Hey this Cuushe record is really good. Have you thought about working together on doing a U.S. release? I think a lot of people in the U.S. already like it. I see all these comments about wanting vinyl. So, I think we could probably just do a short run and sell them quickly. I can’t afford to do some giant run and distribute all over the United States, but we could do something for the people that like it who want it on vinyl and just do it quickly.’”


Marosz proved an accurate judge of the interest in Butterfly Case. While he scrambled to get the record pressed, several prominent music blogs had given the album coverage. Gorilla vs. Bear had posted a stream of the LP and Pitchfork gave the album a favorable score in a review published last October. However, all of this coverage took place prior to the album’s physical release stateside. Marosz worried he had missed the initial wave of buzz, and he struggled to convince blogs to include a link to purchase on previously-published posts. Sales were slow and steady until OMGVinyl published a short post on the album’s release on January 2.


“OMGVinyl went up and I was headed to work,” he said. “I texted Michelle, and I was like, ‘Michelle, when you get home I need you to count the records ‘cause we sold a shitload of colored records today and I think they’re about gone.’ And they were… Luckily, I had the next day off because the next day the colored vinyl had sold out. The black has just kind of been trickling ever since.”


Black copies of the Cuushe record have dwindled into the single digits, with the initial run of 250 LPs nearly sold out. Interested parties can stop by LUNA for the few remaining copies. Though Marosz is encouraged by his first taste of success, he confessed he has yet to get back to cost on any of his first few releases. Throughout our conversation, it’s apparent that the financial stresses of launching a label coupled with the workload of a full-time student have weighed heavily on him. In those moments, he has been grateful for the support of his family, friends, and the listeners that have taken an interest in the music he has helped release.


“The records are cool, but I’m legitimately thankful for the support and for the encouragement from other people,” he said, mentioning a lengthy list of supporters from MFT’s Jon Rogers to his co-workers at LUNA and beyond. “The way that it’s changed me as a person and made me appreciate people and appreciate what’s going on and appreciate labels and appreciate music is gonna go farther than anything else. So, mostly, I just want to say thanks to everybody because I literally couldn’t do it without them.”

Connect with Dilated Time Records via Facebook | Twitter

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At this point, Hoosiers should prove well-adjusted to the frigid temperatures that have come to define the winter of 2013-14. Now, on the rare days when the temperature elevates to a balmy 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it feels like we should be stripping off our sweaters and hosting a picnic. Fortunately, the regular arctic blasts have done little to deter Indy’s concert promoters. January saw its share of noteworthy performances, from Bonesetters’ sold-out album release show at White Rabbit Cabaret to strong national acts at The Vogue in Phosphorescent and Neko Case.

Concert season doesn’t appear to be treading any water (or snow) as February kicks off with a bang this weekend. Tonight, First Friday offers a couple of terrific, free musical options at Do317 Lounge and Joyful Noise Recordings, to pair with the diverse visual art exhibits (previewed admirably by our pals at Sky Blue Window) that appear across our fine city at the outset of each month. However, the fun doesn’t end with First Friday. As such, we decided to shine a light two Saturday shows worthy of your attention.


Action Strasse at Joyful Noise Recordings | Facebook

Vess Ruhtenberg sweats rock songs. Ruhtenberg has served as a musical mainstay in Indianapolis for the better part of three decades. At times, it often feels as if you need a Rolodex just to keep track of his various projects. Those that pay close attention have likely noticed that his bands often go dormant without ever going completely defunct. In 2013, he revived The United States Three for a performance at Musical Family Tree‘s “Listen Local” concert series, while breathing new life into The Pieces for an appearance at WARMfest. Saturday, Ruhtenberg will dust off yet another project from his storied past in Action Strasse.

Action Strasse’s lone LP, American Gas Jive, was released on vinyl by MFT in 2006. The nine-track release was amazingly recorded and mixed in just five days, with little more than 10 rehearsals. The strength of the rushed recordings is a testament to the band members’ collective experience, whose laundry list of previous projects reads like a history of the last 30 years of central Indiana rock n’ roll: The Lemonheads, Zero Boys, United States Three, Atenna, Velo Deluxe, Majhas and many more. Bloomington’s The Sands will lend their support as an opening act as they wind down a week-long East Coast tour. Listen to a pair of songs from Action Strasse below to whet your appetite.


Tanner Standridge album release at Sabbatical | Facebook

Tanner Standridge & Whip Cream Wars’ debut LP, Handful of Hair, is the latest release from In Store Recordings and represents the local label’s first foray into cassettes. Limited to just 100 copies, we recommend grabbing this album while it’s still in circulation. The recordings were laid down at Adam Gross’ (Amo Joy / S.M. Wolf) home studio, and they certainly do not disappoint. Gross will sit in on drums this Saturday, which we believe is a first for the multi-talented musician.

The under-card of Saturday’s bill at Sabbatical doesn’t disappoint. Bait & Tackle Tabernacle features the formidable trio of Fred Brown, Peter King and Jorma Whittaker. The band’s LP, Begotten Bread, was one of 2013′s under-appreciated gems. Also lending their support will be Christian Taylor & Home School, whose self-titled cassette on GloryHole Records found its way onto our Top 50 Indiana Releases of 2013. Listen to the title track from Handful of Hair below, and prepare yourself for an evening of top-notch local rock.

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Earlier this week came a tour announcement of epic proportions for Indianapolis’ hip hop scene. The Ghost Gun Summer Tour will kick off in Louisville on February 13 and extend more than a month in a cross-country showcase of some of Naptown’s finest emcees. The tour will pool together a diverse cross-section talent from several local labels/creative collectives: Heavy Gun, Rad Summer, and Ghost Town Gang.

Andy D will serve as the unofficial headliner for the tour. Despite his disheveled demeanor and bombastic stage presence, Andy D has remained one of the hardest working local touring acts of the last several years. His memorable blend of lounge act, dance evangelism and hip hop hooks have established a loyal following in college towns across the Midwest and beyond.

Oreo Jones has dropped a string of noteworthy solo and collaborative releases in the last couple of years. Put your ears on his solo LP Betty, his collaboration with local DJ Action Jackson as Black Fabio, and his most recent Highway Hypnosis EP with local beatsmith DMA at the helm for a sampling of his work. Jones also helps shine a light on local music every Sunday night alongside NUVO’s music editor Kat Coplen with their weekly radio broadcast: Indy’s X-Files.

Both as a performer and as a one man, tour de force on social media, Grey Granite has been tough to miss in Indy the last few years. His most recent release, Rich in the Blood, was Granite’s first collaboration with multiple producers on a single album. Nine producers offered up a diverse collection of sonic spaces for Grey Granite’s singular vocal style to run rampant. Like Jones, Grey isn’t shy in his support of fellow Indianapolis musicians. His Heavy Gun Blog serves as a platform to promote local artists across a variety of genres.

Indy’s hip hop scene can often seem insulated from national trends. Such isn’t the case with Sirius Blvck, the young gun on this tour. Blvck’s hook-driven vocal delivery feels radio-ready on his most recent release Year of the Snvke, which he released independently earlier this month. He set the stage on fire at last summer’s Listen Local concert series in Broad Ripple park put on by Musical Family Tree, and given his age we’ve got big expectations for this kid’s future.

As far as the rappers on the Ghost Gun Summer Tour, we’re probably least familiar with the solo work of John Stamps and Freddie Bunz. Blame our indie rock listening habits and not the work ethic of these two rappers. One thing we can say for sure, whenever they show up they leave a lasting impression. Check out Stamps’ verse on Sirius Blvck’s “Bill Murray” and Freddie Bunz’s contribution to “Needy” on Betty for evidence. Over the last couple of years, these two have collaborated with just about every rapper on this line-up. As such, they should prove the perfect addition to this tour.

Below, you can scope the complete list of tour dates for the Ghost Gun Summer Tour. For more on this traveling circus, connect with this event via Facebook and keep your eyes peeled for writer Seth Johnson’s in-depth preview on Musical Family Tree prior to the tour’s kick off next month.

Tour Dates

  • February 13th – Louisville, KY – Zanzabar
  • February 14th – Lexington, KY – Al’s Sidecar
  • February 15th – Chattanooga, TN – The Honest Pint
  • February 16th – Birmingham, AL – The Nick
  • February 17th – Charlotte, NC – Thomas St. Tavern
  • February 19th – Knoxville, TN – The Well
  • February 20th – Asheville, NC – The Emerald Lounge
  • February 21st – Greenville, SC – Radio Room
  • February 22nd – Athens, GA – The World Famous
  • February 23rd – Atlanta, GA – Smith’s Olde Bar
  • February 24th – Carrollton, GA – The Alley Cat
  • February 25th – Augusta, GA – Soul Bar
  • February 26th – Charleston, SC – Tin Roof
  • February 28th – Orlando, FL – Lil Indie’s
  • March 1st – Tampa, FL – New World Brewery
  • March 2nd – St. Augustine, FL – Nobby’s
  • March 3rd – Gainesville, FL – Mars Pub and Arcade
  • March 6th – Panama City, FL – A&M Theatre
  • March 8th – Mobile, AL – Alabama Music Box
  • March 11th – New Orleans, LA – Evangeline’s
  • March 13th – Lawrence, KS – Replay Lounge
  • March 14th – Wichita, KS -Lucky’s
  • March 15th – Des Moines, IA – Gas Lamp
  • March 16th – Omaha, NE – Waiting Room
  • More tour dates TBA
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Indianapolis art and design duo BrainTwins has partnered with local rock band S.M. Wolf to create a video for the single “King of the Suits.” The nonprofit, multimedia gallery General Public Collective will host a live premier of the video on Saturday, February 15 followed by performances from S.M. Wolf, Cooked Books and a DJ set from the reclusive electronic artist Golden Moses.

The DJ set and video screening will take place from 7-10 PM with the bands kicking off shortly thereafter. Golden Moses is the alter ego of Musical Family Tree director, Jon Rogers. He is known more widely for his work as front man of Everything, Now! as well as a variety of other projects. However, his fascination with the Golden Moses persona appears to be growing with plans for a cassette release on Rogers’ label Holy Infinite Freedom Revival set for sometime this spring.

Both S.M. Wolf’s self-titled EP and Cooked Books’ The Reader made our list of Top 50 Indiana Releases of 2013. Lead singers Adam Gross (S.M. Wolf) and David Bower (Cooked Books) share a similar approach to their role as bandleader. The two have brought a whimsical, theatrical style to both their songwriting and vocals on their earlier work: Gross with Amo Joy and Bower with The Vegetables and Resting Rooster. Line-ups at local concerts can often prove a mixed bag in terms of genre and fanbase. While those line-ups are excellent for discovering new sounds, a smaller, focused set of like-minded bands is always a recipe for a great show.

You may recall BrainTwins from our previous small biz spotlight post. The duo of Jessica Dunn and Justin Shimp have combined the two words that comprise their brand since our last conversation to complete their total creative fusion, once and for all. (We happen to be a fan of mash-ups at IE, in case you hadn’t noticed.) BrainTwins employed its signature blend of analog and digital in the video for “King of the Suits.” The hand drawn animation features crazed, muppet-inspired keyboardists, menacing sea monsters and a ghastly meteorologist in a repetitive, psychedelic black-and-white montage. Watch a teaser for the video and listen to a short playlist featuring the evening’s performing artists below.

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